Blogging – the business benefits

Why bother blogging? Well firstly, it’s a great way to add useful, interesting and informative information about your business to the web.

Your blog is a platform from which you can give insight into the things you are doing “behind the scenes” to promote you as a reliable online business. And it’s a chance for you to write informally as a person and do away with some of the restrictions you may meet writing for your own business website. Your blog is a chance for you to comment on recent news and show off the ethics behind your business – your true colours.

Plus, it’s a great tool for bumping you up the search engines.

Google loves unique content; that’s no secret. Your blog is the chance for you to write infinite amounts of the stuff, every word of it related to your industry. It allows you to link within your website to topical and relevant pages, encouraging potential customers to journey through your website.

Finally, all blogs allow you to link out, so encourage people to link from their blogs to yours and vice versa, building a network with other bloggers, and sharing the love.

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