Why you should outsource to freelance content writers

So many businesses, having paid through the nose for fabulous web design, are happy to upload sub-standard copy that besmirches the overall effect of the website.

The written word is vital for businesses attempting to sell or boost their profiles online. In many ways, the words you choose to represent your organisation are fundamental drivers of its success or failure. In business, especially online business, words work. And words matter. Here’s why:

  1. The touch and feel factor

However quickly technology is improving, we’re still a long way from being able to plunge our hands into the computer to grasp items located beyond the screen (think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Mike Teavee).

Well-worded descriptions help to bridge the gaping void between product and customer, giving a more wholesome depiction that encourages customers to buy.

  1. Search engine fodder

Google is now much more sophisticated than it was in days gone by, so simple stuffing of keywords is no longer an option (unless you’re desperately seeking a way into Google’s bad books). Instead, search engines appreciate readable, well-crafted, relevant content, which allows customers to find the information they are looking for using a few short keywords.

Professional, focused SEO content not only helps you rank more highly, but it encourages readers to stay on your pages for longer, drawing customers into your website and reducing your bounce rate.

  1. We love writing

Finally, most freelance content editors have a real passion for the written word – unlike others in business who perceive writing as a chore. By outsourcing to the experts, you benefit from quality copy beyond the usual mundane phrases.

And if your freelance content editor is any good, your site will be free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors too.

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