What makes a good copywriter?

Accuracy, attention to detail, understanding and clarity are four attributes that make for great writing – attributes we adhere to at Crabtree Copywriting.

Accuracy is intrinsic to any written piece as without it the author lacks any professional gravitas; when facts become skewed and messages confused, you lose your authority.

Attention to details is important in terms of both spelling and subject matter. Poor grammar is a key attribute of the unprofessional, especially in business. And online poor grammar breeds distrust.

A writer may not be an expert in all areas, but has to appear knowledgeable in many. In-depth research should be undertaken if there are areas you don’t understand.

Last but not least is clarity. Without clarity in your written work, your readers will become confused and their attention will begin to wane. You may as well write in hieroglyphics. Writing in clear, concise sentences, no more than two lines long, makes even the most complex subjects easy to grasp.

Blogging – the business benefits

Why bother blogging? Well firstly, it’s a great way to add useful, interesting and informative information about your business to the web.

Your blog is a platform from which you can give insight into the things you are doing “behind the scenes” to promote you as a reliable online business. And it’s a chance for you to write informally as a person and do away with some of the restrictions you may meet writing for your own business website. Your blog is a chance for you to comment on recent news and show off the ethics behind your business – your true colours.

Plus, it’s a great tool for bumping you up the search engines.

Google loves unique content; that’s no secret. Your blog is the chance for you to write infinite amounts of the stuff, every word of it related to your industry. It allows you to link within your website to topical and relevant pages, encouraging potential customers to journey through your website.

Finally, all blogs allow you to link out, so encourage people to link from their blogs to yours and vice versa, building a network with other bloggers, and sharing the love.

Welcome to crabtreecopywriting.com

This is Crabtree Copywriting’s new website – fully redesigned and ready to go.

We hope you’ll take the time to browse the site and let us know your thoughts. We take constructive criticism (and praise) very well.

And if you’re looking for great-quality copy for for business or organisation, just let us know. Contact Katherine Crabtree with details of your business for a quote or comment on this post.

We look forward to hearing from you.