Freelance Copywriting And Content Editing

Get colourful language from Crabtree Copywriting. No, I’m not talking about effing and blinding – more about the words that will put your organisation on the map. If you’re bored of the mundane and the everyday, and really want to promote the personality of your brand, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Katherine (or Kate) Crabtree. I’ve been copywriting both in-house and as a freelancer for the last decade for clients across a range of sectors – B2B and B2C. Located in the Manchester area, I cater for local clients as well as those further afield, helping you promote your business through innovative, client-centred web content and social media.

Whether you’re looking for creative copy to brighten up your brochures or  someone to bring your web text into the 21st century, Crabtree Copywriting is here to help you get the most out of the written word. Because bad spelling and blasé text really do put off potential customers.

Your Manchester copywriter

I am a  Manchester-based copywriter catering to clients locally at either their offices or remotely. However, many of my clients come from more exotic climes (allegedly there are places where it doesn’t rain come summer, winter or spring!) and I’m equally enthusiastic about working from the home office.

Wherever you’re based, Crabtree copy sells your products and services, is simple to understand, and boasts the highest levels of accuracy (grammatical and factual). We’re so proud of the exceptional standard of our copy, that if you ever find the wrong “your/you’re” or “there/their/they’re” amidst our work, we’ll write you an extra article for free.

Try Crabtree Copywriting today, place a direct order, or for larger orders contact Katherine Crabtree for a quote.